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Slim's E-Juice for E-Cig's

Slim’s E-Juice

Slim’s E-Juice is an online retailer that sells e-liquid. E-liquid contains flavoring and nicotine amounts chosen by the user. The e-liquid is used inside a cartomizer or inside of an e-cigarette fuel tank. E-liquid is created with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in combination with flavoring and nicotine. The e-liquid becomes a vapor than an e-cigarette user will inhale. Slim’s E-Juice uses 100 mg non-diluted nicotine and buys flavors from the manufacturer and uses food grade ingredients.



Slim’s E-Juice sells signature mixes, premium e-liquid, cloud e-liquid and other e-liquid flavors. Slim’s signature mixes are a mix of the most popular flavorings purchased on the website. The premium e-liquid comes in 60 ml glass bottles and customers have several options of flavors in their large selection such as cotton candy, caramel, coconut, mango, and green apple. Slim’s Cloud Juice is uniquely made to enhance the flavor and get huge clouds. If you need a certain flavor then check out Slim’s e-liquid flavors page to find a large selection of flavors.


Shipping and Returns

Slim’s E-Juice ships domestically within the U.S and internationally and tries to ship in a timely manner but accepts no liability for longer shipping or arrival times due to unforeseen circumstances. USPS is Slim’s E-Juice preferred carrier. Slim’s E-Juice will ships any order $50 and over with free priority mail. Wholesale orders may take longer to ship and may take up 14 days for processing.

Slim’s E-Juice will offer a 30-day refund for customers who are not satisfied with a product. Please contact and email Slim’s E-Juice before returning an item for a refund. Click the contact button to see all of Slim’s E-Juice contact information. Visit this website https://slimsejuice.com/ for more useful information.

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